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Discover the advantages and benefits of training in a group

Struggling to work out or play sports solo? Move with us! Play sports, be active and have fun in a group.

When you decide to do physical activity, the will alone has its limits. Better to choose sports that are both fun and appropriate to your pace of life. And why not train together? It depends, of course, on taste, but exercising, with a partner or in a group, has several advantages, starting with motivation.

Friendly competition and a bit of a challenge motivate longer. We tend to be more loyal to group programs than individual workouts. a promise made to a friend, even informal, engages our responsibility more than a resolution taken with oneself. That's why Course, Plein-air & Cie creates dynamic and fun workouts to bring participants together.

The benefits of group physical activity

In structured group lessons, participants benefit from the experience and encouragement of a qualified coach for a fraction of the price of a private lesson. There are more and more classes designed for groups, including new moms, seniors, and more.

The feeling of elation remains perhaps the most compelling reason for collective training. Exercising in a group increases the level of endorphin, a hormone similar to morphine that reduces pain and increases the feeling of well-being up to euphoria.

Of course, the body produces it when you train alone, but a study indicates that group activities release more.

Physical activity improves morale and strengthens social bonds. This exaltation encourages us to train more, in order to feel it again.

Group training is a good opportunity to get together with friends, network, and break out of isolation.

Our Coaches

Our team is made up of women and men who respect your abilities and want to invest in improving your health and fitness. All our coaches are certified in physical training, running, and injury prevention to allow you to surpass yourself in a progressive and safe environment.

Make your workouts one of your best times of the day.

Join Course, Plein-air & Cie.

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